Peony Yip


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..not a good one..

Slowly working my way back after completing my Solo Show pieces :)Photo Reference of Miss Elle FanningPiece one from the “Sisters” pieces for the “Out of Body” show at the Gauntlet Gallery.
Date: April 5th - 26th
Location: 1040 Larkin St. San Francisco 94109
If you’re in the area, please do drop by for a visit and check out the other very very amazing artists’ works. Your life will change! :)

 Photo Credits  Photo Credits

Interview with Peony Yip

“I was just one of those kids who grew up drawing almost on anything and never really stopped ”   

Hong Kong artist Peony Yip works under the pseudonym White Deer.
Her minimalist portraits rendered in pencil and superimposed with nature, insects or animals are fresh and full of energy. Her illustrations captivate delicate simplicity, technique and colour.
Peony Yip is someone who is still in the early stage of her career, but has already caught the eye of art critics. She hasn’t as yet established a solid reputation as an artist amongst art buyers and art galleries despite requests to purchase her work, and she maintains that she still is in the stage of development, but we believe it will be only a matter of time before Galleries clamor to hold her first exhibition.
Peony’s work engages with the rich history of satire, through which she explores the phenomenon of posturing and façade within the hierarchies of natural composition.




 What’s your background? When did you start painting?

I was just one of those kids who grew up drawing almost on anything and never really stopped, but I didn’t take it seriously till a couple of years ago because I was motivated to get better.  

 Are you still a student?

I haven’t been a student for almost two years now, but hopefully I can afford to be one again soon.

 Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Right now mostly animals and nature, I really try to incorporate that into most of my drawings.




Any exhibitions yet or agents wanting to represent you?

No, no exhibitions yet but I think I’d be so proud and lucky to have one in the future when I feel like my artwork is good enough.

An art agent? No, is that a possible career in Hong Kong with it’s small society of art and illustrations? I don’t draw as my day job, I wish I did but like most people I have a small job.

what do you do with your finished work?

I plan to keep my originals for now; I really have a connection and emotion to them whether they are good or bad, as silly as it sounds All my finished artwork is in this little folder where I try to keep safe in case there’s a fire or something I know I can grab it and run!




Can you describe your work in one sentence?.

An attempt to do something a little different while keeping it simple and minimal.

Do you get inspiration from any particular artists?

Not particularly one artist. I usually look at art blogs daily, and I find my inspiration from artists/illustrators like me. Whether they are well known or not, I appreciate their creativity and brilliant skills which I need to work a lot more on myself.




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